heavy warm blanket TOP Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover



TOP WEIGHTED BLANKET AND DUVET COVER SET: TOP quality to provide the ultimate rest and relaxation. TOP WEIGHTED TECHNOLOGY: Hypo-allergenic, odorless sand fills the quilt-stitched blanket compartments to provide a comforting weighted sensation. SUPER-SOFT MINKY FABRIC DUVET COVER: Removable fleece-like cover is soft, cozy, and designed in the most attractive colors. The duvet cover is easy to care for and will remain soft after washing. Simply zip off to machine wash. TWO PIECE TECHNOLOGY: Features four hidden ties to connect the inner blanket and duvet cover at the corners, keeping the weighted blanket in place inside the duvet cover. SAFETY: Weighted blankets are to be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s weight recommendations. KEEP AWAY FROM INFANTS, YOUNG CHILDREN AND ANY PERSON INCAPABLE OF REMOVING THE BLANKET TO AVOID RISK OF SUFFOCATION.


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