chanasya blanket ESTEREL Cotton Weighted Blanket



100% Polyester Our weighted blanket brings adults and kids restful sleep by stimulation of deep pressure touch like being hugged by a cuddly & secure swaddle. BREATHABLE, PLUSH, HYPOALLERGENIC and SUPER-SOFT ?C Fleece is made of a soft fuzzy breathable fabric, durable brushed material designed to be used year-round. Precision Stitch 4”x4′ squares are filled with high-density beads to provide exactly the right amount of pressure, to help relax your entire body. IMPROVED PROCESS -The non-toxic & refined glass beads are evenly dispersed and tightly sewed in multiple sturdy compartments of 4”x4”. Durable stitching prevents leakage, sliding from one to another and clumping. USE EVERYWHERE ?C Our heavy blanket is not just for sleep, it can be used whenever and wherever you need to relax and get comfy. There??s no need to suffer from another sleepless night, when you let our weighted blanket hug and hold you tight. HASSLE-FREE 30-DAY MONEY BACK & 3-YEAR WARRANTY -If you have any dissatisfaction with the product, CONTACT US DIRECTLY, we will replace or return your order, no reason required!


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